Wednesday, August 27

2008 Convention Sightings Part Deux

Hey there,

I have been getting ready for my open house this weekend. I didn't realize it was this weekend until Sunday... VERY SCARY!! Last year I was really excited and I think no one came, so I assumed it would be the same this year... well I've got around 8 ladies coming. Yikes!!

I made a Flip Book (REALLY AWESOME) to display as a Workshop you can sign up for. It's sooo darn cool. THough I only had a Simply Scrappin' kit from years ago so there's no double sided paper. So it would be even COOLER with a current Simply scrappin' kit! I can't wait to make another one! woo hoo.

Any how, here are the other sightings at convention:
Here's Corinne, though I always think of her as Roxy as her Blog is Stamping with Roxy! hhehehe She is so DARN SWEET!! And I love reading about her kids too. Her girls both just won both their soccer finals this past weekend. What a GREAT way to finish off the season woo hoo. She's so nice in person and a sweetheart to boot. I really wish I was closer so I could come to some of her classes lol.
This is me and Shelli Gardner, yes, the co-owner of Stampin' Up! My upline, Tracy G, and I waited 2 hours and 15 min to take a picture with her and it was worth every minute! She is very sweet and oohh so kind to sit thru pictures with hundreds of gals. Even the ones that won't leave, I think even had a couple of those ahead of us in the line. I told her hubby, Sterling, that he needed to have the Jeopardy music playing in the background so people knew when their time was up. heheh
This is Roseanne, part of Tracy's downline. She's really cool and I've even met her mum who is also a Demonstrator. We all drove up to the Milwaukee Regionals together in March. And she still wanted to take a picture with me at Convention! How sweet!
Last, but certainly not least... is my upline. I love her to death and I wish she lived closer so we could stamp together. I miss her bunches and we had a GREAT time at Convention. We were roomies and she's (now) 8 mon preggers with a boy! woo hoo. She's very inspiring to me in more ways than one.
I did see and meet Patty Bennett of Patty's Stamping Spot and Carrie Gaskin of Artistic Avenger. I didn't get a picture with Patty because I didn't want to interupt her lunch and I met Carrie at the airport while checking in to get home. I didn't want to bother her at all either. Maybe next time I WILL bother them and get a picture.
The only other demo that I would have LOVED To meet is Angie Juda (Chic n' Scratch)... I am hoping the next time I go to Convention (in 4 years when I will get to walk across the stage for my 5 yr anniversary) I will hopefully have a 'date' to meet her and get a picture with her! One can dream! hehehe

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Carrie Gaskin said...

Hey You! I totally would have stopped for a picture - it was early though and I was most certainly not looking my best. Next time I'll carry a lipstick and be ready for you!