Sunday, August 17

Lgirl's First Day of Kindergarten

Hey there, sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has just been so darn busy! Had Christmas CArd Club Monday evening and PMS night on Friday night. A new customer came, Teresa and it was GREAT meeting her! Hope she can become a regular stamper with me and my girls.

We have been gone all weekend to Grandma's for Power of the Past. Papaw had 5 tractor's in it so they were there all day and evening on Saturday and Sunday. We went down there Saturday evening and then stayed all day today.

Can you say, 'Whew!' Hot and tired are the right words! Apparently Lgirl go sunburned on her shoulders and her face. Sigh... didn't think about the sunscreen as most of us were under the big tent.

Anywho... Lgirl started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Here are a couple of pics of her. I did really well and didn't cry hardly at all. Just a bit after she was gone, but I was holding Gman so I didn't want him to notice too much! A card IS coming tomorrow!
It's a little nippy in the a.m. so here she is w/her sweater on. She ended up taking it off before the bus came. She takes the bus in the a.m. as she's the last one on and I pick her up in the afternoon because if I didn't, she would have to wait an hour to get home! That's a LONG time for a 5 yr old to wait. Goodness. On the first day, I sent a snack for the bus driver AND her teacher. It was Banana Cake and boy was it good! mmmmm.....
And here she is getting on the bus... sniff sniff. Though Thursday she wouldn't get on and I had to drive her in. I also had to explain that it wasn't fair to her brother as he pitches a fit every time she get out of the van and wants to go with her. Not to mention sometimes he doesn't even get up until after she's on the bus!
She rode on Friday, but I did tell her if she didn't ride the bus she wouldn't get to go to Power of the Past, and more importantly, she would be seeing Grandma or Papaw. That seemed to do the trick! hehehe

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Anonymous said...

Hope she is having a good time in Kindergarten. A is loving her first days in 1st. Hope all your bus issues are all worked out. Cute pics. Traci