Thursday, August 21

Convention '08 Sightings!!

Hey there,

I was finally able to go thru my pictures from Convention and post my 'Celebrity Sightings'!!

My VERY FIRST SIGHTING was at the SLC airport... can you believe I was so lucky?! I spotted DAWN GRIFFITH, she's got a GREAT blog and loves purple and bling just like me! She was soo sweet too. I told her I loved her blog, her daughter, her dog and the pictures of her hubby. And that he DID look like Jesus! heheh

Pardon how I look... kind of scary when I fly. I like to fly in comfort so no makeup and my glasses. Nothing worse than flying with super dry eyes! Yikes!!

I spotted DANNIE GRAVES during General Session... I honestly didn't recognizer her until she smiled. I'd recognize that smile anywhere! I told her she needed to update her blog picture as she's much THINNER (wish I was lol) in person. Her blog picture was taken while she was preggers. VERY sweet!

My next sighting is probably my favorite **sigh** KRISTINA WERNER **squeeeeling**. I actually saw her the first day after picking up my Convention Bag but on my way to Momento Mall. I sent her an email saying that she might hear dolphin-like screaming and not to worry because it would just be little ole ME! I did scream her name and I think I scared a few gals. I barged right in and took a picture. I totally forgot I was in my yucky 'travel attire'.

I 'spotted' her multiple times as the prize patrol had to run out prizes to the winners. On the 3rd day of Convention, my upline, Tracy, and I spotter her again and took a picture with her. So here it is in all its' glory! LOVE the pick and I LOVE that girl... she's got so much creativity. Not to mention GREAT tips on makeup and such. Shoes too! Kristina, you should definitely check out those Jessica Simpson shoes, they are AWESOME! And I can't even wear high heels but Tracy's were remarkably comfortable! heheh

All these gals are GREAT and a huge source of inspiration for me... check back tomorrow when I post more Celebrity Sightings!

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Dawn Griffith said...

OH MY goodness girlie .. You are soo sweet .. it was a Blast meeting you and what an awesome time we had .. Thanks for the memories girlie :-)
Dawn Griffith