Monday, February 15

Valentine's Gifts

What a mad rush it was last week... Two Valentine Parties in one day can wipe a mom out! Not to mention having to pick up over 250 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies AND being in charge of one of the parties & picking up stuff for the party from homes where the child had gotten Strep! Oy Vey!

Anyways, where to start? The baked goods before the stamped ones? Well, Family Fun had an AWESOME Groundhog Cupcake on their site. He was SO stinkin' cute and adorable I knew I wanted to make some. But I didn't have time around Groundhogs Day, so I decided to make a couple for L's teachers (because the kiddos wouldn't appreciate them NEARLY as much!) and extras for my kids & Grandma.

Here's what G's cupcakes looked like. He requested strawberry ones. Some had tiny candy lips on them, others had sprinkles and the rest had tiny pink cupids candies on them.

I made them real quick on Thursday a.m. when I zipped home to bake'm. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out why my house smelled like strawberries when we came home. NOT AT ALL. That's how BAD my memory has gotten!

Here's what the Groundhog Cupcakes looked like. If you didn't think the one on the left could get ANY cuter... the wall-eyed one decided to pop his head up! And we have CUTER!!

And here are the Groundhogs invading the other cupcakes.... taking over the spot light and grabbing all the attention. The regular cupcakes were relegated to being put into plastic bags & taken home by the preschoolers. Then the Groundhogs got to ride in style to the 'Big Kid's' party in the afternoon. They went HOG WILD! hee hee


Anonymous said...

Very cute and look yummy. Trey

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