Monday, February 1

Head Colds are...

the WORST things ever! Well, I guess the only thing worse is if your hubby has one too! Man are men babies! Let me tell you. First they don't take a thing and complain about feeling miserable. Second, you get them to try drugs which don't work but they don't tell you nor do they want to try something else. What's up with that?

If I feel miserable, then I either take what I KNOW will work or try something new to see if it will work. I understand if you don't want to take anything, that's not a problem... just DON'T complain about it! Your choice.

Life is about choices... so many people don't realize they had a choice in the first place and wonder how they got in a specific situation. Makes you think. I'm trying to explain that to my 4 yr old & 6 yr old. You have a CHOICE!

Anyways, let's see what I have to share with you today!

Here's a card my Upline, Tracy Geisz, sent me. I LOVE it. She's awesome. She's such a good friend that I'm very thankful to have. I wish she were closer than Illnois, but I realize she could be a LOT farther!!

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