Tuesday, July 31

Whatzzzzzz Upppppp????

Hi Everyone!
I am CONVENTION!!! Woo hoo. In a *perfect* world, I would have all my swap pics uploaded and ready to post one a day while I am gone. In the REAL world, I went to bed at 2am Sunday night, Gman woke up at 3am, Lgirl woke up at 3:30am, I went back to bed at 4am and the alarm went off at 5am.... soooo there went that perfect reality! Yikes!

Convention is sooo coool! SO darn motivational tooo. Found the 3 coaster hinged picture frame I made for the artisan award (though didn't win.. boo hoo) w/the kids pics here on display! Woo hoo. SO I am able to see my kids every day! hehheeh

Lots of fun classes and meeting new friends. And yes, I am STILL cheap entertainment here too.

Gotta go... my class is starting!!


Jen said...

I am glad that you are having a great time so far! Sorry that your picture frame didn't win. Laugh lots and smile often! Have fun!

Oh, and Dana said you were thrilled with the keychains! Fantastic!

Dana said...

You? Cheap entertainment? NEVER!
Hope you have a blast and get some sleep while you are there!

Jude said...

I used to sell SU myself and made it to one convention, it was fun and cool. Hope you had a blast!