Wednesday, July 18

Birthday Double Slider

Yes, I know I need to post my wedding name frames I did. THe only problem is the camera is in the car and I don't want to run out and get it. Call me lazy or maybe I just don't want to let Gman escape or FREAK out if he sees me go. Sigh... it's been a LONG weekend!

Friday evening we had to put my cat, Cleo, to sleep. She was my VERY FIRST pet sitting job (gone bad as the owner didn't want her back) EVER way back when about 7 yrs ago. It was over Memorial Weekend. She was about 3 weeks old. So cute and sweet. She kinda turned out as a weird cat as she thought of me as her mom and didn't like a lot of people. Apparently she has been under the weather (done that once before but recovered) so we thought she was getting better, but come to find out she had eaten some ribbon and it got stuck in her intestines. Sigh... I do miss my crazy cat!

To top that off we were at Grandma's on Sunday. Me, I usually sit inside and soak some cable tv, do the dishes or clean the kitchen. So nice when you don't have kids running around lol. I was working on convention swaps while Grandma took Gman out for a polaris ride. They have a red doberman named Jody. She always runs w/them or rides in the back. Anyways, they were almost home (they have 41 acres and lots of trails thru the woods and a pond to boot!) when Jody fell down. Grandma ran Gman to me in the house and then ran out towards the garage to get papaw & my DH. Well, apparently JOdy fell down due to a heart attack or anyerism. We will never know exactly. Grandma is taking it hard as Jody was her 'baby'. So I might wash up my yorkie and send him down for a week or so to keep her company. SHe's always loved him and thought of him as the 'perfect' dog. ehehe

Sorry for the all this info before the card. I thought I had posted this, but could not find it. Here's a double slider I did for my BIO swap. Oh Dana wanted to know what a BIO swap is. It is a By Invitation Only Swap. I had to send in 3 samples and get approved. Every month we have a theme (last month was swappers choice) and then we vote on our favorite. The host provides a gift for whomever wins. Like last month Jessica won and she gets to pick a roll of taffeta ribbon. In August, the host is sending us chipboard coasters and we have to come up with something. The winner gets to pick a punch out on the punch page of the SU catty... woo hoo!

I started posting the triangle cards from the first month of the BIO swap. I have gotten side tracked and just can't find the time to sit in front of the computer and scan them all in. I should as I can get a FREE month of sudsol for every 10 cards I post from a swap. I need to get my booty in gear! IF only there were more hours of daylight! hehehe

HOpe you like the double slider. I might have posted it as the watermark was already on it! Hmmm... I used the EAT CAKE set w/Doodle That. Colors: tempting turquoise, pretty in pink, so saffron, old olive. I also used the 3 flower punch, round tab punch, paper piercer and the signo white gel pen. Non SU stuff: sakura glitter pen, gold brad, pink grosgrain.


TheDvineMissM said...

I am sorry to hear about your cat. I am a BIG animal lover and so I wanted to pass this poem along to you -

the card is very cute...I love the colors and the perkiness of it! Thanks for the inspiration :O)

Jen said...

My heart breaks for you and your family. Pets aren't just pets, they are part of who you are as a clan. They protect you while you sleep, guard you from the vacuum cleaner, and warn you that the child is wandering too close to the "no-no" zone.

They make you smile and laugh and wonder what type of person they would be, then you realize that they are just fine the way they are.

I think the yorkie would be nice company. The house won't be so quiet, then.

Dana said...

I've already told you, but I am so sorry about Cleo (and Jody too).

Thanks for letting me know what a BIO swap is. I think your card is perfect! Are double-sliders hard to make?