Monday, July 2

Check This Out!!

Hi Guys! I'm thinking of having this title on a weekly basis to spotlight either a really, really cool project or a really neat blog or website. Then again with my posting history, it might be too much work hehe lol. That would make me post at least ONCE a week like clockwork huh?! hehe

Anyways, my VERY FIRST 'Check This Out!!' is this not a FAB baby shower gift???? *Psst Dana* My goodness this is a good one. And just in time too as hubby's cousin-in-law has been trying for quite a while and this will probably be her ONLY pregnancy (long story involving, endemitriosis *sorry about the spelling,* cysts and the likes). Maybe even TWINS which means she'd have to have TWO of these puppies! hjehehe. I really like Vicki's blog and she's been added to my list o'bloggers.

Speaking of puppies... I have been feeding (for those of you who don't know I am a pet sitter also but mostly do kenneling at my home) a kennel full of European labs and will have some pics of these little, yellow balls of fur. SUCH cute puppies. I absolutely LOVE the white gold yellow labs (what an oxymoron THAT is!!). You will see as I plan on taking pics tomorrow a.m.

AFter having anywhere from 3 (including my 2) to 5 dogs here on and off since the end of May, it is nice to be down to one visitor (who is staying a total of 35 days!!) and now I can breathe a bit easier and also maybe mop my floor lol.

Okay, I'm off to make some quick (yeah right lol) cards for beach blogger bingo!!

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