Thursday, July 19

SU Box Uses

Ha! I know, 3 posts in 3 days... somebody CALL ME A DOCTOR! heheh

I just had to post these cute pics. The first is our 'other' cat, Choco. He thinks he is a dog most of the time, eats dog food, chews on plastic and tape, pats you on the arm when he wants your attention and much more lol. He decided he really liked my Fall and Winter Preview box!

The other pic is of Lgirl sitting near him. And just so Gman doesn't feel left out... I included one of him at the bottom. I know, I need to change the pic of them as he has changed so much. Namely his hair color! Lighter and lighter. What a 'golden' boy lol.

Oh and can I tell you guys that Lgirl was needing some attention on Monday so she proceeded to put 2 popcorn kernels up her nose? I know you are laughing at me, but it was NOT funny at the time. Talk about a SERIOUS panic! I was able to get one out no problem w/some coaching. (She's never been a good nose blower at ALL.) but the 2nd one (which was MUCH bigger like it tried to pop but only grew bigger and cracked a bit) was a bit harder.

You can SERIOUSLY bet I am keeping those kernels and scrapping them! hahahha I will have to take a pic and post it soon. hehe


Kalyber said...

Ok So you're a doctor.
Bwa ha ha - an old joke but worth a chuckle
Cute pics

Dana said...

OMG, I can't believe how light G's hair has gotten? What happened to the little chinese baby he used ot be? He looks adorable anyway, what a charmer with that grin!

Love the kitty photos too.

Jessica said...

These pics are adorable! And i can relate to the kernels up the nose - when i was very young i shoved a button up my nose. Unfortunately, mom couldn't get it out on her own and had to rush me to the doctor in the middle of the night!

kathy said...

such cute pictures. That cat in the box is suitable for