Wednesday, July 4

Can You Say... CHOKE???

Nothing like waiting until the last minute (did I mention my nickname for myself is last minute lucy... I haven't even started my convention swaps yet!) for Hubby's bday card. He's 4th of July baby so it is tomorrow! Lucky for me he's patroling right now heheeh.

SO I was trying to make a cool card AND do the beach blogger bingo sketch, but I choked and that went all to heck lol. And I think the card is kinda yucky, but considering he hasn't ever gotten a homemade bday card I guess he should consider himself lucky hehehe... All ingredients are SU unless otherwise noted. I even had the green around the happy bday as a scalloped square, but thought it looked too girly so I cut it off, crooked I might add too lol. I made it from the kids.

I'm SO excited... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his bday present (I'm convinced it is REALLY for me lol)... I'll give you a hint... it starts with 'W,' ends in 'i' and has ONE letter in the middle hehehe. Woo hoo! How bad is it that I'm hoping for rain ALL DAY so we can stay inside? Bad, bad Bobbie...
Okay so on another note, I have to rant about Gman. His ears are golden (meaning clear and free of infection) but he's still crying and screaming regularly. It drives me crazy! We did another glycerin sup. (sorry for the TMI here!!) and he pooped 3 times w/the last time being soft! woo hoo. But I have to lay off the milk (less than 20 oz a day) and the dairy. Which he loves. But last night alone he drank 24 oz. So for today, he had a 4 oz. er (sounds like he's a lush huh?!) for his nap and a bottle before bed, but didn't fall asleep either time. So now I have to turn to putting him in the car and driving around until he falls asleep. Because I don't want to give him any more milk and if I give him water he removes it from his mouth, starts screaming and throws it at me. He's got good aim for an 18 mon old. he's been up twice already and this last time I decided to drug him w/teething meds (holistic hyland teething tablets ... LOVE them!). I feel bad but can you say ARrrgghhh!!?!
On a good note, we had raviolis tonight for dinner (the cheese ones you buy frozen and boil) with a little bit of sauce and he asked for 3 more after eating 2. And I cut these puppies into 4 pieces each. He's definitely using the 2 molars on the right that have come up.
Okay, thanks for letting me rant and getting that off my chest... sometimes I just get so stressed. I guess I should probably go to bed huh?! hehe lol That could be part of the problem too.


Anonymous said...

Good looking card. Traci

Jessica said...

i'm glad his ears have improved! Throws the bottle at you, huh? Sounds like he has the same strong will as my Zach!
Ravioli, mmm. i haven't had any in so long, so a couple days ago i picked some up at the store. Great minds think alike!

Dana said...

I like the card and I'm sure DH did too. FIRST time you've ever given him a hand made card?????? You're joking.

Poor G-man, I'm glad his ears are better, but throwing things at mommy is not nice. Give him a LOT of fresh fruit--watermelon, peaches, mushed up raw apples, etc. He'll poop regularly in no time.