Wednesday, July 11

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hi, sorry I've been incognito. I have been working on name frames for a customer w/matching cards and envies. I plan on posting them soon. I had my stamp club meeting last night and we made a beautiful tunnel card. Those are so hard to explain so I will just have to post it later.

I am also make the same tunnel card for my next BIO swap, which is due on Sunday so will be a tad bit late. I hope to finish them today and get them into the mail tonight or tomorrow at the latest!

I've also got to take Gman to his 18 mon check up today. Not to mention he didn't sleep worth beans last night. Sigh... Lgirl didn't sleep well thru the night either until she was 2 or 2 1/2 yrs old so I am just holding out for that! My throat has been scratchy for the last 2 days so let's hope I'm not coming down with SOMETHING... I don't have TIME to be sick lol.

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Dana said...

You are so busy! You might need lessons on how to say "NO!" when asked to do anything else!

what's a BIO swap?