Monday, July 2

Howdy, Howdy!

My goodness I'm tired! Yes, I know it's been a while but I'm dealing with a double ear infection (almost over that), molar coming up, constipated 18 mon old. I LONG for a solid night's sleep lol. His ears are just about perfect but we had to see the doc about the constipation today. I made daddy do the dirty deed lol.

Oh and I get to buy some prune juice tomorrow... am the only one in th world who LOVES that stuff?! hehehe

Needless to say, I barely have time to function let alone stamp lol. He's just so darn clingy right now. ANYWAYS I finished a wedding name frame (which I was supposed to have done Friday). I really like it and stressed a bit on it, but the next one will be more stressful in terms of getting the colors to go together... they are hunter green, passion pink, gold and white... do you kind of squint at the thought of the glare of the dresses as much as I did when I first thought of it?! hehehe
Hope you guys like it. Hoping to make some cards tonight. I owe a lot of them! hehee


Anonymous said...

That is a great looking frame. Ya do such nice stuff. Traci

Dana said...

This is gorgeous! So pretty and simple.

And I LOVE prune juice, and we ALL eat prunes all the time. In fact, the kids beg for them!
Hope G-man feels better...poor guy.