Thursday, August 9


is sooo hard to find once you've been gone for a week. Though Gman pooped in the potty (for Grandma no less) so maybe I should go away more often?? No, both kids did not sleep well AT ALL. In fact, Lgirl got spanked by both Grandma (first time for her and I'm sure it broke her heart to have to spank Lgirl lol) and by daddy IN THE SAME DAY!@ Another Yikes there!

I had to come home and get going on some stuff. I had a blast, learned a BUNCH of stuff and just hope I can remember it all lol. Upon registering at convention, each demo picked up their convention bag which included 3 stamp sets, an accents tin, lanyard, pen, pin, various papers AND a wrist band (like the ones you get at a music concert or at a bar that shows you are old enough to drink). The wrist bands could either be worn on our wrists or on your lanyard and were different patterns and/or colors. During general session once or twice a day, the PRIZE PATROL would hand out prizes to specific wrist bands that they would show on the big screen. I was getting bummed as none of the ones my group had were being called. Well... they decided to give away some of the stuff we used at Monday night's pajama rama party. SOoooo I won 6 ink pads (one of which is red craft WOO HOO), a versamark pad, a lower case 'c' stamp AND a sanded background stamp!! I am SO excited to win that stuff! hehehe

Okay, I've got to put Gman to bed (or try to lol) then I was going to PROMISE to come back and post. But I've got a deadline looming like a monkey on my back! lol So here' are the 3 swaps I made for convention. The ladybugs came in two different colors as did the pick a petal card (though only 1 layer not 2). The pinwheel came in 4 colors from the palette o' prints special a couple of months ago. Certainly celery, rose red, so saffron and almost amethyst.

I also made 2 3 D items which I will show you later lol. Enjoy!


Dana said...

Oooh, I'm so proud of G-man! YAY!

Cards are super, as always. Glad you are home and on the ball again! Are you going to make those one-layer cards for my swap??!

I saw the cards you sent Jen, awesome, awesome. Your work is so good.

Jen said...

The cards are just wonderful! Thank you! It was such fun to open the package and see them, especially with Dana being there, too. You do wonderful work.

Heidi said...

Hey Bobbie! Great cards-the ladybug is so cute!! Sounds like you had a great time at the convention! Congrats on your winnings!!

Jessica said...

Great cards, Bobbie! TFS!