Tuesday, August 21

Updated Kids Picture

Though I took them both to get their hairs cut today so it doesn't really look like them lol. It does show how 'golden' gman's hair has gotten, I just don't know WHERE that comes from. Unless it is from my Daddio. I've seen a B&W pic of him w/that same curly Q on top but don't know what color it is.

Nowadays when you tell gman to say 'cheese' (and you need to be holding a camera or 'faux' camera lol at him) he will crack his face into a grin showing all his teeth and making HIS face look like it is broken lol. It is too funny. I will try and get a picture of them together tomorrow. I have about given up as I have tried and tried to get a good one. But either lgirl is looking sideways or not smiling or it's gman. Sigh... looks like I am going to ask for professional pics for our anniversary.

Wish me luck!! hehee

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