Wednesday, August 22

Tomatoes Anyone??

Anyone want to guess how many pounds of tomatoes I picked out of our garden last night??? Can you say TEN POUNDS???? OMGGGG. That's what 2 thunderstorms in 2 days will do to your garden lol.

I picked 2 nice, big yellow tomatoes, about 20-25 roma tomatoes and the rest are cherry and grape tomatoes. I've always liked grape ones as I think they are sweeter, but for some reason when you grow them yourselves, the cherry ones are sweeter. Not to mention the cherry ones have thinner skin which makes for easier eating. THe grape tomato skin is sometimes down right chewy. Which is NOT a feeling I want to have when eating a tomato lol.

I'm hoping to can some of these babies. Though I have never done it before and am scaring Dana to death lol. I will dig out my book and refer to my references and give it a whirl. My girlfriend has some canning stuff I can borrow so it should all be GOOD. How will I ever learn how to do it if I don't give it a try? I will make sure I do it in the evening when the kiddo's are asleep and I will make sure Jon is home in case I have an accident... so no lost sleep for you Dana ***hugs to you for caring so much**. I think you should come down and help me Dana! woo hoo wouldn't that be a blast???

A girl can dream right?1 hehehe


Heidi said...

Ten POUNDS!!! Wow that is a ton of tomatoes!! We have had a lot too and everyone you talk to around here is trying to give them away. I would love to learn to can too but it scares me that I will do something wrong. However I did just find out from my Grandma a really easy way for freezing tomatoes and you don't even have to blanch them! Just take 2 large or 3 med, slice thick and 1/4 each slice, put in a freezer bag with 1 tsp. of salt and that's it! You could also double this and put in larger bags. She said they will last up to a year. Good Luck!!

Dana said...

I have three messages on my answering machine about canning tomatoes! Three different people called me and asked when we could get together and can, because they didn't want to do it alone!
I'd choose you anyday, baby!

Get them canned, and you will be so thankful come winter.

Oh, and I LOVE the updated photo of the kiddos!