Thursday, August 30

What a Busy...

WEEK... can I just say that. Also, why is it that when you CLEAN your home you can NEVER find a thing? Is it just me? We cleaned the house REALLY good this past weekend as I had a Pampered Chef partay here and my demo is allergic to dogs. So I didn't want her to have an attack. Lucy's (my dane) bed got washed and sprayed w/all fresh smelly stuff. I mopped the floors, vacuumed the rugs (even though they were in the OTHER 1/2 of the house lol) and EVEN straightened up my scrap corner. I was so deep in there I got stuck in a bunch of stuff lol. Dug it all out from under the table and organized and cleaned. I put stuff into shoe boxes and labeled them with el cheapo dymo machine. I should have taken pics of what it looked like before. Though I don't know if it's clean enough to show you the after lol.

Anywhooo, here are the 2 more entrants into the Triangle Tri-fold swap I was in. The Father's Day one is by Rhonda Favreau. Is it just gorgeous? Can a 'masculine' card be gorgeous? I really like how she did the 'Happy Father's Day' on the inside. I like how she used the shaped beads (forgot what they're called) for the middle of this flower.
The second one is made by Mary Ann Pippen. Another nice use of patterned paper. I never know which side to use and get all bent outta shape trying to decided which one I like and/or want to use. Not to mention using those micro beads as the middle of the flower.
Okay, I'm off to take the kiddo's outside since it isn't SCALDING hot out there. I am hoping the heat wave stays away for a couple of days. We've had a lot of changes here on the homefront and there will be a lot of adjusting going on, mostly for me, but I think I can manage. I hope lol. Nothing serious so don't worry. I will tell you about it this weekend. Gots to go as I think my Stampin' Up! order is HERE woo hoo!!

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