Wednesday, September 5

What a Month...

and it's only the 5th lol. This month is going to be VERY busy for me. I've got something planned EVERY weekend! Last night was my bi-monthly stamp club meeting. We usually do a technique or advanced folded card, but last night the hostess (hi traci!!) picked 3 holiday cards. I was going to post them, but I will be using the Halloween one for a swap I'm in and either the Pumpkin card or the Tree Fold card for another swap, I just haven't decided yet. So... I have NOTHING lol.

I did change to an update pic of the kids. They were playing in the kiddy pool on Monday, the last hurrah before Lgirl's preschool started. This first week she only goes one day (either Tuesday or Wednesday) and we thought it was yesterday and was geared up to go in the a.m. until I read thru the papers in her folder (last minute sally of course!) and found where it said she was going today! Well, we were 10 MINUTES late... and I was very frustrated. So, I have implemented a NEW school morning schedule and we'll see how it goes next week hehehe.

Okay, I am GOING to bed early... STOP THE PRESSES! I believe I am fighting a sinus infection, which would probably go away if I actually drank water regularly... I'm sure my body thinks I'm in the sahara desert or something. It's just so HARD **inserts whine here** our water tastes yucky and I hate to go thru 6 or 7 bottles of water a day lol. Sigh... I need to figure out something as I've had a sinus headache all day. Okay, I'll be good and drink a big glass of water (pinching my nose of course) and then hit the sack until Gman wakes me up. Maybe I'll get lucky and not get woken up??? HIGHLY unlikely!

I've got them all day AND ALL NIGHT tomorrow... any ideas on what we can do??? THe news I had is that my hubby used to be a reserve deputy for our county, but he's now switched to another city (closer to Indy) so he won't be coming home between the day job and the evening volunteering... THAT is why I will be home all day tomorrow w/no plans for the kiddos.

Oh and did I mention he switched jobs too? SO he's got a longer drive and now I have to figure out dinner by myself and have it started before he gets home... YIKES.. Nothin' like a little pressure here and there! Okay... sweet dreams everyone!

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