Thursday, September 6

Halloween Swap Anyone??

Check out this blog for a GREAT Halloween swap. I love halloween and I think it does get overlooked somewhat. IT can be fun w/o being too gorey and ghoulish. If you know what I mean!

Come on over and join in the fun! Woo hoo...bwhahhhaa

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Anonymous said...

CUTE pic of Lgirl and Gman. I and my daughter are lucky we get to see these two pretty often. It is great to have such great friends-I was lucky that Bobbie was one of my first friends when I moved here almost 7 yrs ago. We have known each other 6 yrs now-boy time flies. Bobbie is a great lady to know. Speaking of Halloween-we made a cute Halloween card, Thanksgiving card and Christmas card on Tuesday at the card club. Bobbie has great cards and we always have a great time doing them. Traci