Tuesday, September 11

Artisan Awards

You know... I just realized that I never posted my entries into the Artisan Awards held by Stampin' Up! in March. At least I don't THINK I did... this could be wrong lol. That's how my life has been lately.

Anyhoo... I'm excited that I actually have a SCRAP page I can show you! hehhe Here's the first one, it's of Gman. Keep in mind I had only one week and a limited amount of supplies I could use!! I will be MUCH better equipped for the 'next' time around! I just love these pics of him, so darn cute w/that smile that makes most women turn into putty in his hands hehehe.

Okay, I've seriously got to get to bed. Hubby patroled tonight so it was ME all day AND night. And I didn't get a nap to boot! Sigh... he will also be patroling tomorrow night so the kids won't see him again. I think it will be 2 full days of no DADDY... wowsers.

My eyes are drooping. Night all! Sweet dreams!

1 comment:

Dana said...

Ok, you don't like it when we tell you your children are beautiful, but then you go and post this?!!!! UNFAIR!
I won't comment on G-man, but I LOVE the SB page. The little truck is the perfect touch and the colors compliment the photos really well.