Thursday, September 20


where does the time fly? Has it been a week since I've posted? I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Yikes.

Okay, well here's the Christmas one my Stamp Club made the last meeting. I used it for a shoebox swap I was in last Saturday. I don't think some of the gals liked it as I made 14 sets and there were more than 2 sets left over. It involves a simple origami fold. I should have written some good directions, but i didn't have time. I did provide a diagram though. Next time, I will have a better card for the ladies.

It was my VERY FIRST Indy Inkerz meeting and I had a GREAT time! We met at Brook's house (awesome house, hubby and dog!!) and there were 12 ppl participating in the shoebox swap. It was supposed to be over at noon, but I didn't end up leaving until 1:30pm! There was some AWESOME food to sample. Kathy (head of Indy Inkerz) is spearheading a 2nd Annual SCS Gathering in November. I have a craft show that weekend (and the next TWO!) but I hope to help out w/making stuff they need and maybe even baking! I will have to find the cards and upload them so you guys can check them out! Some great talent out there.

Then I headed over to my good friend, Laurel's house, and stayed late into the night (I think 12:30am) and stamped with her. She fed me some pork roast w/sauerkraut and mashed potatotes and it was DELISH! Yummm!!! I had a lot of fun with her and got to think up a few things to make for the craft shows I'm going to be in in November.
Okay, I'm off to tag more baby clothes and toys for a sale that I'm a consigner in tomorrow. I will also be going to 'volunteer' (aka bust my booty from 3:30pm to 10pm!!) there tomorrow evening. The sale is held by the Moms of Multiples in Greenwood, Indiana, and is on Saturday from 8am to 12pm. I have never come on Saturday nor do I want to lol. Tooo darn busy for me! Let's just hope my stuff sells. Let's keep our fingers crossed on the crib! woo hoo.


Bev Breisinger said...

OMG!!! That card is SOOOO NEAT!! You did a great job - never saw a card like that before. I would have taken any of the sets you had left over no doubt! So creative - I'm jealous! Please post instructions!

Dana said...

Totally cool card Bobbie. Sounds like you have been and are scheduled to be VERY BUSY!