Tuesday, August 21


I'm offering an SU RIBBON SHARE if anyone is interested. It is for the Ribbon Originals shown on page 191 (click here to see). Let me know which ones you are interested in.

I am going to do it as 2 ppl per share so each person would get a yard of each. So you would be paying $15.00 for 1 yard of 10 ribbons. Or $30.00 for 1 yard of 20 ribbons. You just need to let me know which 'flavor' you would like (Beachfront, District, Fairytale, Jersey, Sherbet or Theater) and I will put you down for it and send you an invoice.

What fun to own some of those GORGEOUS ribbons!! I will also send with your order a list of the colors of the ribbons to make it easier to figure out what to use it on. No guess work there! I am trying to close this rather fast, so I will leave it open until Thursday.

Just let me know!!

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