Friday, November 23

TEN Days????

Has it been that long? Wow... well, I was sick most of it and just got better in the last 2-3 days. Then there was a Holiday in there SOMEWHERE ** Happy Belated Thanksgiving All!!!**

And then BLACK FRIDAY... **dum, dum, DUMMMM** Yes, I DID get up at 3:30am. Well, since Gman woke me up twice in the 3 hrs I was trying to get some sleep I figured why try and sleep now?? So... I was waiting at wally world for a new DVD player since ours conked out while we were at the vet trying to take care of Lucy AND the kids were in the other car. Luckily it started raining so they couldnt' see.

Can you believe I started shopping at 5am and finished at 7am? I don't mess around! I met my girlfriend at Walmart and from there we went to Target. Then we finished there and went to peruse Meijer and found our deals there too! Can you believe I got everything I was looking for (and the some!!). WOOO HOOOO!!

Okay, I'm a bit slap happy (can ya tell?) so I'm off to bed bc I have to take the van in tomorrow a.m. to get the seat belt fixed. Always a pain w/the kid's belt won't retract!! I will post some pics real soon here!


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