Tuesday, January 9

Oh what a day! Gman went to the doc yesterday and they did xrays and said it was viral... bacterial would have been the easier way to go lol Gman's about the same but he had 2 GREAT naps... so maybe the hacking cough will go away tonight? I am so tired of it and I feel so sorry for him. Doc gave me a cough syrup, but it doesn't do much at all . So let's keep our fingers crossed. I will be going to bed early tonight, within the hour and that's EARLY for me! I need to get better sleep than the last two as DH will be going out of town tomorrow and not back until thursday afternoon... YIKES!
On the crafty side, I finished up my fast food fries containers! I LOVE these, they are soo cute! I will post a pic as soon as I get one taken. Yes, they are late and for a 4 RAK group I am in. Will post some other things too!

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