Wednesday, January 17

Oiy... can you say 'I'm sooo tired on being/having sickies?' G was kind enough to share the flu with me on monday and lainie got it monday night. As of today she's still on 'toast and water only' and boy is she complaining! Since she couldn't keep jello down last night I told her no way was she getting anything else! hehe

I was supposed to participate in a cyber crop this weekend, but needless to say with a house full of sick kids (yes DH counts as a kid in this case!!) I didn't get much accomplished =(. I did, however, get my fries container finished and in the mail for a belated swap and it won the category! Of course, it was the only entrant hehehhe. Here it is:

I thought it was SO cool that M&M came out with mega ones that were in 'rich' colors. Well, they happened to match the SU RR family to a T!! Wonder if anyone else figure this out??

Am I slick or what? hehehe :)


Dana said...

LOVE those adorable fry containers! It's pretty cool that the candy matches too. Pretty colors all around. Congrats on winning the category!

Kendra aka Scrapstampindiva said...

these are sooooo cute! You did a great job! :)

scrappersister said...

These are adorable. Love the colors that you used. :)