Friday, January 12


I just became an SU demo and I do enjoy it, I just have a hard time asking ppl to host a workshop. I took over my upline's client list, which means I need to make some calls... also a hard thing for me to do!
Anyways, I received for xmas an ink caddy, which I LOVE but it does make my ink pads look rather pathetic and shows all the pad I really need. Can I state AGAIN how much I LOVE my markers... they are truly life savers lol.
So I have uploaded some cards from my pre SU DEMO days, one was for Shape swap, one for a Texture swap and the other is a simple SU card w/REAL sewing (none of this 'faux' stuff) on it . Now... if I can just figure out how to show the pics lol.

Looks kinda sketchy but here they are! heheh I will post more later.
Oh and G's still sick, but on the mend while L's caught the cold bug (I swear she must have sneezed at least 50 times yesterday!!). So she missed school this week :( but we switched w/a classmate so she will get to be leader (and treat bringer!!) next thursday... wooo hooo!
It's only a matter of time before I get it... I can feel it like a monkey on my back! Or should I say a tickle/scratch in the back of my throat?! hehehe


Dana said...

Sorry to hear about Lainie, no fun being sick and missing school.

But glad you posted something finally! YAY! Keep 'em coming girl!

Cindy Keery said...

I love your crazy quilt card - how fun!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie, this card is the bees knees!!

Craft Critique said...

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