Wednesday, July 9

I Was Tagged!!!

Yes, WAY back in the middle of June (the 13th to be exact!!) by Vivian Swain. I am sorry Vivian that I didn't post sooner. But I am SURE you will understand that I've been trying to get my swaps done and such for Convention! hehehe

Okay... let's see. I don't know if there are 7 weird things about me (yeah right!!) so we'll go with RANDOM shall we??

1. I've lived in 9 states and 2 countries since I was born.

2. I met, or rather SAW Geena Davis, Danny Glover, Bobby McFerrin and Eric Roberts when I worked at Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa (aka the Pink Palace) in Sonoma, California.

3. I LOVE the taste of cotton candy, it's DQ's special blizzard flavor right now. And APPARENTLY Victoria's Secret has a lotion that smells like it. One of my stamp club members had it on tonight and I could NOT stop sniffing her... I think she's scared! heheh

4. I'm anal when it comes to card making, no big surprise there. If I wasn't people wouldn't want to make my cards!

5. I LOVE, love, lOVE the smell of lilacs and will sit in front of a bush inhaling slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes if I find one. That goes for honey suckle too, and apparently standing next to Amy too (see #3!).

6. I type dyslexic, odd but true!

7. I'm an optimist at heart. Sometimes a realist, but mostly an optimist. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is ALWAYS someone that has it worse off than you. The glass is not only half full but it's sparkling clean too!

I don't want to pick 7 people (I'm getting lazy and I don't want to have to post a comment on their blog) so if you read this AND you have a blog, consider yourself tagged! woo hoo!

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