Saturday, July 19

What a Week!

I won't bore you with all the details... but this week included Gman covering his face w/vaseline, writing on a wall w/markers and pouring Dial refill soap onto the hardwood floors and our walls. He got a haircut (which revealed his skeeter bites).

Lgirl tripped twice. The firs time she skinned both knees, an elbow and a palm. The 2nd time she skinned her knee above the first boo boo. She picked out her backpack online (woo hoo!!).

I volunteered at Royal Kids Camp with Edelweiss Horse Therapy, watched a friend's son, picked blackberries and transparent apples AND tried digging a hole to bury a dog, but hit too many roots and had to take the dog to the vet's to be cremated instead... yes something I really don't want to do again any time in the near future. I made banana cake, watched a movie w/ a girlfriend and make blackberry cobbler. I NEED to make applesauce w/those apples! hehe

PMS night was last night and I had fun with the girls! I've been working on my Conven swaps and will be posting a scrapbook page from AA here after I crop it add the necessary watermark. Okay... off to crop and import people!

HOpe you had a better week than me!!

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