Saturday, October 6


is TODAY!!! Woo hoo. I'll be having an open house today from 10am to 1pm, so if anyone lives locally, COME ON BY!! I'd love to have ya. We'll be making a Fall card, though with our weather, it should be a SUMMER card.

Can you believe we broke a record Friday that was set in 1922? And today and tomorrow are both supposed to be up around 89 degrees. Yikes! I kept threatening a bikini, but I would NOt be in public... hehehe

Also local this weekend is the Riley Days Festival. We have it EVERY YEAR on the 1st weekend in October in Greenfield. It goes from Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Loads of vendors with more crafts than you can shake a stick at. Not to mention loads of food too. I LOVE the walking tacos I buy from a local vendor here. Sure there's is 50 cents for than the carnies, but first of all they are local and second of all... carnies give you chili and cheese. Where as my guy gives you chili, SHREDDED cheese, lettuce, sour cream, olives, salsa, jalepenos, and onions if you so desire... I DON'T! You can't beat that for 50 cents!!
I also volunteer for the Hancock County Humane Society. Now BK (before kids), I would volunteer there once a week helping clean up after the cats. We can't house dogs because we don't have the facilites. AK (after kids) I only volunteer at Riley Days and for the rabies clinics we have in the summer. So I did my shift tonight w/my GREAT friend Stephanie. I was trying to move some SERIOUS doggie sweaters, biscuits (made locally by volunteers every year and are preservative FREE), cat toys, dog leashes and bowls and a bunch of other things. There was even a black halter dress for a dog... can you believe it?! I can't!! I was workin' it good!

I also make cards to sell there. Though I think I should just give up and go back to biscuits. People are more willing to shell out $1 for some awesome biscuits for their dogs vs. $5 for 4 notecards. No matter how cute they are. I took some pics of the notecards and will have to post them tomorrow maybe.

Made a couple of pet sitting contacts and even met a gal interested in making some cards (HI CINDY!!) which I'm excited about bc I always like making cards! hehehe

I'll be busy w/the open house tomorrow plus my girlfriend, Laurel, is coming down from Kokomo and she's going to stamp all day w/me and stay the night to boot! woo hoo. So I'm hoping to post something either tonight or tomorrow, but don't hold it against me baby! Have a GREAT weekend and let's all get a sunburn so we can remember the summer! hehehe

Oh and I've decided to post my last scrapbook page of Lainie that I entered into the artisan awards. I hope you like it. Pretty darn nifty! I LOVE these pics and wouldn't you know I accidentally deleted them off my camera?

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Alli Miles said...

This page is GORGEOUS! I love how you coordinated the ribbon so well.