Saturday, October 20


was tonight! My daughter's preschool has one fundraiser, it's a Germanfest every year. They also have a silent auction too. There were a TON of stuff auctioned off. It's amazing. I won a trip to Boondock's (a local pumpkin patch in GRAND farm) and a GC to a local meat market which is AMAZING! I can't believe no one actually bid on it.

I decided to auction off a Tile Coaster Workshop. That way whomever won could make their own favorite coasters. Well, my MIL kept bidding on it and won it. And she isn't even going to be making a set!! lol She's going to invite some gals from work, but it has to be all 'hush hush' and on the 'down low' as one of the gals recently became an SU demo. SO I understand completely. I told her she should have them JELLO WRESTLE to see who gets the 4 spots! hehehe Now wouldn't that be a sight?!

Here's the Thanksgiving Garland I made similar to the one in the Holiday Mini. I did the same order of papers, but added a bit to a couple of them. I had to add some bling bling! LOVE my bling baby!
I'll be offering this class in the first week of November. HOpe to get some people over to make this and such. We'll see. I need to get cracking on the email w/the link to this picture! hehe Okay, I"m off to clean the kitchen. Nighty-night all!

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