Saturday, October 13

Top O' the Morning

to Ya! Heehehee This is the FIRST Saturday in a long time that we have not had a thing planned, so we are going to try and hit the gym that we recently signed up for. SHould be interesting trying to get Gman acclimated and not screaming his brains out. We'll see how bad it gets.

I will leave you with one of my FAVORITE non SU stamps, though everything else is SU I believe. I've got a THING for poppies. I love, love, LOVE those things! Every time I see them in someone's yard, I want to go (asking first) uproot a couple to see if I can get them to grow in my yard. Sigh...
I was also going to try the shattered glass technique, but didn't want to stay up until who knows when to add 3 more layers to it! So this was only one layer and I guess it could be called the 'watery' technique lol.

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