Monday, October 8

Gman's First Stamping...

experience, if you could call it that! I was having a GREAT day, Laurel (my friend from Kokomo) was still here and she was showing me how to stamp on coasters. I was looking for my RED stazon because I wanted to test it out and see what color it was when I got distracted by my Dane, Lucy. She's got a major lump on her leg and has been favoring it all weekend.

Why is it that whenever MY kids or pets get sick/have something wrong, it's always on a Friday evening after everything's closed for the weekend? Then I've got to worry about it all weekend and waste what few brain cells I have left agonizing over whether I should take them to the doc/vet or wait until Monday? I HATE that... and this weekend is NO different! Must be all the 3 day weekends. (It happened Memorial Weekend AND Labor Day Weekend). So, I'm calling the vet at 8:01am tomorrow morning as I think it is going to be BAD news and be cancer. It's just really hard and popped up overnight.

Anyways, I digress... I was searching for the Blaze Red (thinking I'm going crazy AGAIN) when Gman comes in from the living room with it in his hands putting on the lid. My heart skips a beat and I run over and take it from him. I head into the living room dreading what I might see... and VOILA, my son has decided to run the pad like a car around my footstool. Can you believe it? There were a couple of finger prints on the arm of the recliner, but I was able to get it out with the cleaner. I decided to save my cleaner since the footstool is old.

Gman's hands were all red (appropriate for Halloween lol) and I promptly took him into the bathroom to get most of it washed off. His tips were still red as you can see in the picture. Now doesn't he look a little too smug in the pics?

So I'm thinking about either buying some ultra clean (though the smell just KILLS me!) or making a cover for the footstool. And, of course, Lgirl comes up to me and says rather cautiously, "Mom *slight pause* if I put my foot on the stool will it TURN RED?" lol.
I hope everyone's weekend wasn't as eventful as mine lol.

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Anonymous said...

He thought the footstool needed some more color. He was just wanting to stamp like mommy. At least ya got pics of it-MEMORIES. Ya never know what they are going to do next. Hope your weekend got better and hope Lucy is ok. Traci