Wednesday, October 17

Busy as a Beaver...

that's what I've been! I had my last Christmas Card Club meet on Monday evening and then I've got a new lady (HI! Cindy!) coming over tonight to play catch up with the Christmas Cards. I know, I need to post #3 and #4. I will, I promise! hhhee

For now, you will just have to be HAPPY with what I was working on all weekend. I hope you guys like the coasters. I am making them to sell at some craft shows in November. Here are 3 of the designs, I'll post 3 more tomorrow!

Well, apparently blogger is having uploading issues so I guess you won't get to see them at all! Bummer. I FINALLY have a 'plethura' (I know, it's spelled wrong) of pics to upload. Wouldn't cha know?! hehhee
Bobbie :)

ETA: Blogger is letting me upload! I will upload the other 3 right now in a different post... it's almost tomorrow! hehe

1 comment:

Dana said...

oooh, I lOVE the flower/bee one! Cute, yet not cutesy!