Wednesday, October 3

I've Gone PINK!!!

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I didn't realize it WAS Breast Cancer Awareness Month until I read it on Kristina Werner's Blog. I LOVE her blog and read it daily. I used to use feedburner, but got tired of all the emails, since I get a TON more. SO I switched to Google Reader and I really like it!

Back to the PINK... my mum is a Breast Cancer survivor going on like 9 years now and I guess my Aunt (on the chinese side who lives in Taiwan) had to have a masectomy in the past. So, one day (now YEARS ago) I went from being clueless about Breast Cancer to finding out that I have a 'history' of it and, therefore, am at a higher risk to get it.

Well, if any of you have ever met me (just a few but I'm SURE it has been/was QUITE memorable hehehe) you would know that if I got a LUMP in my breast I'd definitely KNOW about it and would like to maybe have another on the other side so they would BOTH be bigger... hahhaha.

I was dodging the old mammogram because I am SERIOUSLY a wimp when it comes to pain... I mean SERIOUSLY. I can't put my hand in that wax bc it's too hot for me... (I was always the *wimpy, wimpy, wimpy* from that HEfty commercial!). I FINALLY got one last year (I was 37 and should have had one at 35 since I have a history) and wouldn't you know the insurance PLAN my hubby's company switched to wouldn't cover it before 40? EVEN WITH A HISTORY??? Ahhh well, no swollen mammory glands here... sigh.. I will have to think of another way.

Yes, I DO have boob envy... but in a GOOD way. If I say ya 'got a nice rack' then that's a compliment and you should say THANKS! My guy friends used to love going out w/me bc I'd check out the chicks with them and I'd NEVER steer them wrong. hehehe

Okay, I guess I better get back to the laundry... I hear it calling my name.

Oh and I also have a girlfriend (who leaves the BEST comments on my blog!!) is also a Breast Cancer survivor! She found a lump in her breast on MOTHER"S DAy while she was 7 months preggers... can you believe the luck in that? They took Alexis a month early and then she got to go thru that nifty (w HEAVY sarcasm) chemo and radiation. Yikes. She's doing good and Alexis is now in Kindergarten. Boy time sure flies!


Angie said...

Your post is cracking me up!!! From one wimp to another, you know it really doesn't hurt....and I'm a serious wimp when it comes to pain. Everyone that knows me, will "Amen" that!

Anonymous said...

That was sweet whatcha said about me. For anyone who doesn't know, Bobbie went with me to get my head shaved and was and always will be a great friend. Like the pink. Traci