Monday, October 27

What Have I Been Working On???

Well, it all started back on the FIRST weekend of October. My upline, Tracy G. **waves HI!!** came over from Illnois to work on some Advent Calendar's they demo'd at convention. We made 12 calendars, 6 for each of us.

What do you think??

These puppies are heavy duty! They will last many years. Sorry for the yellowness of the picture. The calendar is cream. All ingredients are Stampin' Up! The boxes are removeable (velcro'd on) and you can take the tops off and put something inside like a piece of chocolate or some change or a small gift. There are numbers all the way down to ONE and you can just change it every day.
Is it cool or what? I will be selling mine for $65 so please email me if you'd like to reserve one. The backs are covered with cream felt and there's a VERY sturdy picture hanging wire back there in case you want to hang it on a wall.

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Adorable!! Love, love, love it! Totally can't afford it, but I love it! I'm sure they will sell out quickly at your craft shows. You did one great job!!