Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

I guess I should have posted my Season of Thanks yesterday! Because today is Halloween! woooooo **with an oval mouth like a ghost!**

Here's a picture of the kiddos last weekend when they went trunk or treating. Gman woudn't wear the tiger head so he wore my leopard print hat. Does he look like 'da man' or what?! He looks like he needs some bling bling around his neck and then he'd be all set! hehe He will be a cowboy tonight. Can't wait to see! woo hoo.

Hehehe Lgirl is a cheerleader, but will be a winter princess tonight. She's got her fake smile on.

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh, don't they look cute? I think it is hilarious that he wore your hat, that is too funny! What a great smile he is wearing too!

I hope you guys have loads of fun tonight and get lots of treats...not too many tricks!! :)