Monday, October 20

It's Amazing...

how a week can fly by so quickly. I am sorry I haven't posted sooner. I've been trying to get a lot of things done like next cards for Christmas Card Club, Lgirl's Fall Party this week, parent teacher conferences this week AND I've got to have outpatient surgery today. Nothing big, just a female thang... I won't bore you with the details!

So I should be incognito for another couple of days. I will get the pictures loaded so I can post some pictures. Lgirl had her fall field trip to Russell Farms up in Noblesville. I was a bit late getting to the school and thought her bus was the one in front of me so I followed it. When I finally caught up with it I saw that it was empty... so I followed the directions I had from her teacher.

I arrived 15 minutes early! lol. I was able to work on some crafts while I waited. Let me just say how TIRING field trips are. Not to mention it was very chilly and I forgot my coat. Three kids coats in the car, but nary a one for me! What a mom! hehe

Okay, I'm off to make my shopping list so we can make a few stops before heading to Community North. Keep me in your thoughts!

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Dana said...

Been thinking's it going? Feeling alright?