Thursday, October 2

We Have Success!!

Okay, so do you ever get those ANNOYING little gnats flying around your fruit and just bugging the crud out of you? I really don't like them and, unlike flies, they are MUCH harder to kill lol.

So, here's the recipe to get rid of them. I took a small glass dish (like the ones Martha Stewart uses for her cooking show, all cooks on TV for that matter!!) add a squirt of dish soap. Then take some apple cider vinegar to it and stir it a bit.

Now just sit it out on your counter, you could even leave it out over night. And VOILA! I picked it up to look at the bottom (and didn't even spill it, which IS a miracle!) and counted TWENTY-FIVE gnats! They were big ones too!

So now most of them are gone. I don't think they can help themselves! They are drawn to the smell like 'gnats to cider'... I think that's going to be my new 'go to' saying! woo hoo.

Sorry to go off topic here, but if this can even help ONE person rid themselves of gnats... Woo HOO! *Ü*

ETA: Thanks Melissa T. for letting me know that the little buggers are technically FRUIT FLIES and not gnats... I knew that (since the love my bananas) but apparently it was fleeting and lost in my brain! I guess gnats would be better bc you don't find them in your house often! hehehe


Anonymous said...

They aren't gnats. They're fruit flies, which is why they're drawn to the apple cider vinegar and not white vinegar. Then as they're drinking the apple cider vinegar, the soap kills them. --Melissa T.

Beckie said...

I feel I was led to your blog today. Thank you so much for this little recipe! I have those little devils at my house now and then and didn't know there was any way to get rid of them. yay!! I'm doing the happy dance!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Totally useful information I will have to try. They drive me up a wall I tell you! I'll have to share it with Shelly too as she can stand those little buggers!

Where were you today? We missed you!