Sunday, September 7

MORE Open House Fun

I also made those water bottle thingys. You know, the ones that hang on the neck and hold a single serving of Crystal Light powder? T

hey are cool! Not to mention I had colors behind the water bottles that made them rather colorful! I thought that was neat too!

Here's my display too of my cards from swaps at convention and some that I made. I was trying to showcase the new sets from the catalog. I had new items also laying out in front of that (like new ribbon, brads, simply scrappin' kits, etc.) as well as new catalogs and specials.


Dana said...

Oooh, I LOVE those water bottle drink holder thingies...and the colors behind make the actual water so pretty in this photo.

nice job.

Metal Wall Art UK said...

They are cool.
I like this bottle.