Monday, November 24

What a Cutie!

Here's a picture of my boy, Gman. Is the not the cutest?! heheh Now, I use the basement to 'hide' things I don't want the kiddos to see. Whether it be early Christmas/Birthday presents or the baby stuff that they've grown out of.

Well, Grandma likes to go down there to do our laundry (that's where it's located AND I don't mind her doing it at all!!) but then Gman finds all the goodies. He loves bringing the baby stuff back up here and then it ends up mixing in with the other stuff and we have a big mess lol.

So he found this hat and doesn't it look like a cowboy hat? Doesn't he look like a 'rough rider' well except for the dinosaur pjs?

TA-DA! It's really witches hat which he enjoyed wearing around the house! heheh Maybe he'll have to be a witch next year hehe. We'll see!
BTW, aren't his lashes just to DIE for?! I am so envious. Both my kiddos have them and they aren't from me! I have the short, stubby chinese ones. Hubby has them and I am just amazed that they are so long! It will be interesting to see if both kids 'grow' into them or if they will be just as long when they are older!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

He is growing to be a handsome little boy!