Wednesday, February 25

Try This Sketch Challenge WINNERS!!

I've tallied up the votes and it was a heated race, let me tell you! Well, in the SU Demo's Category, it was a no brainer. Whooo's the winner you ask? Did you get my hint?! hehee

It was Entry #2 created by TRACY GEISZ!! Woo hoo! She's my upline and she lives in Illnois. My card was quick and easy because I hadn't made a card for the sketch yet and I was uploading the entries. She better watch out next month, hopefully my downlines, Melissa and Talisa, will take up the challenge!

And now for the winner of the Card Entries:

Drum roll please......

It was Entry #3 created by STEPHANIE BROERE! Congrats to you! Way to go Stephanie.
Thanks to all who participated and a bigger thanks to all who voted! I will be sending out another Try This Sketch here soon.

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