Wednesday, February 11

Posting Decision

Good Morning! I have decided that I will be posting pictures 3 times a week. Usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way I won't feel so overwhelmed about it all!

I really do enjoy sharing my creations, but find it hard to juggle blogging with motherhood, pet sitting, stamping and whatnot. So this way I think I will feel better and I won't go a week without a post.

Everyone will benefit from it. I think Friday's post will be the Sketch Challenge and entries. Then next week will be the rest of the Baby Shower cards.

Have a great day!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Well gee Bobbie, I cannot possibly imagine why in the world you would feel overwhelmed?!?!


Anonymous said...

I love the Baby thank you cards. I can't wait to see your sketch challenge and the entires.