Sunday, February 8


is how fast I've been going this past week. Sorry it's been so long but this week has been overwhelming! Monday Hubby needed a sympathy card for work. I was on a roll and made 5 or 6 cards total. Plus I made my sketch challenge card with the scraps too!

Gman and I were snowed in for 2 days (tue & wed), Lgirl actually had to take the bus home because it was SAFER than my trying to drive, can you believe that?

Then we had our MOMS club meeting postponed until Thursday, and I volunteered with Healthy Families and my friend, Jane Daw. She works at Healthy Families and asked if I could come up with some quick and easy Valentine Cards for the women to make for a local Senior Citizens Home. So Gman and I went there and spent the morning on Friday helping out. It was a lot of fun and I think the moms really enjoyed it too. Plus our MOMS Club President got to give a short talk about our club to boot!

In the evenings I had things going too. Weigh In on Wednesdays and then Stamp Club on Thursday night. We made the A2 Pizza Boxes and 4 cards to go in them. I think the girls liked it but it was a bit hectic because I let them pick their own patterned paper. So all the other stuff had to be hand cut when they wanted it. I will try and make it a bit more organized next time!

Friday night Hubby's cousin came over and I had her work on some Bridal invitations she wants for a friend and I worked on making a Diaper Cake for another Cousin's Baby Shower. Gman ended up getting sick so I had to go to bed when he woke up screaming at 11:30am.

I got up on Saturday and finished the Diaper Cake, made the Baby Shower card AND made 12 thank you cards for the mommy to be! I thought I had more made, but I didn't. I ran out of time. I was brading the flowers and dimensioning the stamped thank you's onto the cards as hubby drove us to it lol.

So... enough about my week... what do you want to see first? I always wonder if I should go chronologically (Sympathy cards) or if I should start with the Baby Shower Goodies?

Well, you know i have to stretch out the posts so I don't overwhelm you guys with too many pictures lol. I'm going to save the pics for the next post! Check for it in the a.m.!

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