Saturday, March 28

Sorry I've been missing...

It seems the sickie bugs have decided to inhabit our happy abode.

My eldest, Lgirl, had a double ear infection, was on amox for 10 days and STILL had one. She then got prescribed augmen, which didn't agree with her at all and I stopped it. We went BACK and she got a script for omnicef and is now on the road to recovery! It's only been 3 weeks. She still has a hacking cough, but who doesn't these days?

Gman has a hacking cough also and it was just a matter of time that I would catch the viral bug. This happened on Tuesday! It hit me in the a.m. and Wednesday I had lost my voice. I'm a taurus so whenever I get sick, odds are it's in my throat.

I've been pumping myself full of vitamin C and zinc while hacking a lung here and there. I still sound like a cross dresser so don't be surprised if you should call! hehe I'm hoping to be fully recovered by Monday.

It's Spring Break next week around here and I don't have TIME to be sick! ARgghh! As it is I've got lots of 4 footed 'visitors' staying while their parents are vacationing and tonight I am running out to collect eggs and take care of 4 other dogs. Busy, busy, busy!

I'm talking pics and will be posting some stuff tomorrow so I will make sure to post 2 goodies since I have been ill!

Have a GREAT evening!

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