Wednesday, April 1

Long Awaited Cupcakes

Yes, I'm STILL sick! I've got a sinus infection and am currently taking drugs for that. I hope they kick in soon as my cheeks feel like they are going to explode at times.

The pressure is unreal. Oh and the top row of teeth hurt too!

Lgirl's Spring Party was last Friday and I made Lion and Lamb cupcakes that I had seen on the website. They were REALLY cute and I decided to make them for her class. I think the lambs turned out just darling and my MIL 'ordered' 12 from me! She's so silly sometimes.

It's very hard to find a lot of orange gumdrops at once. I made some with the orange slices, but that picture won't load correctly. I don't like the fact that his mouth ran either. It looks yucky! Lambs are definitely my favs! hehe


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Ah, now I'm getting the lamb flow! Cute!

Kalyber said...

These are so freaking adorable. TFS

MsOktober said...

That lamb is *adorable*! The lion is very cute, too. Great job on both of them :)