Thursday, January 8

Steppin' It Up!

Okay, I've been reminded that some have missed my regular posted cards and Stampin' Up! stuff. **Thanks Karen**

It made me think a lot on it and where to go with my blog. Either cut 'er lose or step up and start posting more regularly. I decided on the latter ( Yeah me!) so I cleaned off my desk today and got my scanner ready to go. I couldn't scan, but had hubby fix it so I could... WOO HOO!

So, I've decided I'm going to TRY and post 2 -3 cards a week. I am going to go the plethora (gotta love the blogger spell check!) of swaps I received at convention last year. I will also give credit where credit is due... if the artist put her info on the card.

Here's the first Convention Swap Card, hence from the day forth known as CSC. It's by Bobbi Jo Clark. VERY cute don't you think? It uses All in the Family and Family stamp sets.

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CraftyK said...

oops, guess I missed a few days now too! thanks for mentioning me! looking forward to some cute stuff!