Tuesday, January 13


The cold weather is coming down the pipeline and I really don't want to be here lol. Ten degrees is just NOT my cup of tea! Yikes. I don't mind cold & I love snow, but the minus degrees cold is totally not necessary, KWIM? If it's going to BE that cold, is it REALLY necessary so to have wind? I mean seriously, that's just adding insult to injury!

Anyways, here's a card I received at convention last year that doesn't have an ounce of stamping on it... Our Simply Scrappin' Kits are just so darn versatile. You can use the scraps from your scrapbook pages or pieces you didn't use on it to make cards! Win win for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

This SUCKS. And to think I use to freeze to death in Ga. when we got into the teens a few days. My neighboor is headed to Fl. next week and I asked her to bring back some HOT weather. Let's hope she can!!!! Traci