Wednesday, April 9

A COOL website

Hey there,
Lately, I haven't really been happy with Paypal... I totally think it's a ripoff that they get a % of all your transactions, even if people send cash. I think that's a big company being a bit greedy.

WEll, I LOVE Tammy's blog and Crystal's too. They gave me info of a company revolution money exchange where it is FREE to send and receive money. How cool is that? Plus, if you sign up, you get a $25 signing bonus! Even MORE awesome!

This is a shameless plug, but if you are interested in signing up and let them know I sent you, I'll get a $10 referral bonus. Isn't that even cooler?! ahahhaha

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

So check it out CLICK on that button people!!!

Now WHAT IN THE WORLD should I buy with that $25 signing bonus? hmmmm.... Stampin' Up! goodies? O rings? hmmm... the possibilities are endless! heheh

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