Wednesday, April 9

Coming Down With....

SOMETHING! Which is not good. I have a busy rest of the week. I had my local 8 for $10 workshop tonight and had a lot of fun with the girls. I will post some of the cards we made.

This is what happens when I get about 2 hrs of sleep like I did last night... what was wrong with Gman that he had to keep me up most of the night? I don't have a clue. My throat is scratchy, my nose is runny and I sneezed about 10 times tonight.

This CAN'T be happening! I've got my Homemade Gourmet party on Thursday and a function in Mt. Comfort Friday evening... arggghhh!

So I guess that means I should hit the hay? hehehe Okay, I'm off to bed.

Hugs to all! **sniff sniff**

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