Tuesday, March 4

Know What I LOVE????

Those of you who know me KNOW I LOVE cupcakes! I usually like to make them and send them off w/ hubby to work (before kids) and now w/Lgirl to preschool for parties. I LOVe them... and Cass over at 'Cass Knits!' is giving away an AWESOME looking book called 'Little Cakes from the Whimsical BAkehouse.' Boy would I love that book@! There's another booK I asked for at Christmas time but Santa didn't drop it off... maybe he'll get the EAster Bunny to do it!

Hey, a girl can dream right??

Okay, I'm off, and YES I do know I need to post something in a bad way... I just need to take the pics of the cards. I had an workshop tonight in New CAstle and Stamp Club is tomorrow night... just WAIT until you see the awesomely cute Flip Flop Easter Card we'll be making... so STINKIN' cute! woohoo

Sweet dreams!

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