Sunday, March 16


I'm a day late, but I did think of her on and off all day yesterday. Today is my girlfriend, Dana of Kismet, Art and Life. She's just awesome! Can you believe we met on a message board about goodness, I don't know how long ago it was. Well, it's been since before Gman so at least 2 years. Probably more like 3!

Her, her hubby and her mum were going to be driving thru to Missouri and I told them they could stay the night with us. We met them in town for dinner so my hubby could make sure they weren't serial killers or something (isn't he CRAZY??!!)

Anywho... she turned, I believe... 31 yesterday! woo hoo. I love her bunches and she's one of my all time heroes. Her creativity is just UNBELIEVEABLE! And I keep telling her to SEND her THROW aways my way! hehehe

Love you girl!

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